WT’s Project Monitoring team haS extensive experience working on major development projects, providing world-class service delivery on our client’s behalf


WT has the capacity to successfully support our clients early on, during the procurement phase and provide our due diligence prior to the purchasing of any asset and risk reports. We provide clarity in making successful decisions by recognizing potential risks and pitfalls. We analyze project feasibility using pro forma, established construction budgets, including hard and soft costs and cost to complete, using our 70 years of industry experience.

During the development phase, our highly experienced project monitors provide monthly reporting which confirm the competency of the cost to complete, as well as the contingencies. Our reports address the sales and deposits, permits and approvals, insurances, geotechnical and environmental reports and any additional 3rd party reports.

We believe that our team’s considerable industry experience should provide the developer, and the prospective lending group with the confidence that all aspects of the Technical Due Diligence process will be actively managed to successfully achieve the best project outcome.

Our Project Monitors have extensive experience providing Loan Monitoring services to our clients by protecting their interests. We view ourselves in the roles of tactician and diplomat, all while being accurate and providing impartial and concise advice to our clients. We act as the eyes and ears of our clients throughout the development process. We are fluent in the industry established standards for project monitoring and are proud members of the CIQS and RICS and abide by its code of ethics.


Throughout the duration of the construction phase, our experts receive and monitor all progress reports and documentation to remain continuously informed of the status of the works and any construction issues that may arise.