Cost Consulting. This is where WT’s story began almost 70 years ago.

Today, it remains a core discipline for our business and our team. It doesn’t matter which kind of project, or the procurement method, we have the processes and expertise to provide rigorous and innovative services.

The cost advice we provide is both realistic and comprehensive, covering all aspects of the project, specifically designed to help our clients make informed decisions. Our approach and methodology assist to mitigate project risk and successfully complete the delivery of projects.

Active engagement throughout the design process is a hallmark of cost control (as opposed to cost reporting). We maintain an open and continuous dialogue with owners, designers and contractors to identify and monitor cost drivers and identify potential risks before they become real threats to project success.

Value management drives our estimation and cost planning techniques. We believe optimizing the capital work budget is more important than solely minimizing cost. This methodology has been developed to ensure unnecessary costs are eliminated and to provide the best value within the agreed budget.

In the most compelling example of this aspect of our craft, we delivered cost modeling during predesign for a local school project which persisted as a viable cost control asset even after the project had morphed from a single building to a series of connected pods.

Our cost control methodology and processes are scalable: as applicable to a billion dollar NBA arena as they are to a rural library renovation.

Cost Management and Development Services

  • Estimating and cost planning
  • Construction cost management
  • Value management
  • Risk analysis
  • Elemental and functional analysis
  • Expenditure forecasting.

Contract Administration

  • Progress claim valuations
  • Claims analysis
  • Contract variations
  • Re-measurement for final accounts
  • Final account settlement
  • Cost audits.

Contract Documentation

  • Contractual advice and procurement strategy
  • Tender package measurement
  • Tender and contract documentation
  • Bid evaluation
  • Contract negotiations.

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