About WT

About WT2019-01-31T17:39:55+00:00

We bring energy, ambition and motivation to our clients to deliver outstanding results on-time & on-budget.

Who We Are

WT Partnership (WT) is one of the fastest growing advisory firms in North America.

WT was founded in Australia back in 1949, WT is known as the oldest start-up in the industry and has been a force in North America since 2015. Ranked in the Top Two Global P3/PPP Technical Advisory Firms by Inframation in 2018 and WT currently manages $6.5 billion dollars of active mega projects across North America.

WT brings globally insightful advice to major projects across North America. We are experts in every stage of asset development.

At WT, partnership isn’t just part of our name. It is the key to our effectiveness. It underpins our relationships with our clients. It defines the way we work with each other and the culture we honor within our teams.

We provide consultancy services on a wide range of commissions for clients in most business sectors drawing on the resources of over 1,500 staff throughout the world including the UK, Europe, Asia, China, India, North and Central America, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

What do WT do?2019-02-05T16:21:49+00:00

WT Partnership is an advisory business that supports a number of different types of clients with their property and construction endeavors.

Our business is structured around three main offerings being P3 Advisory (that’s around all technical aspects of P3s), Cost Consulting (the full gamut of cost estimating, bid leveling, construction cost control, and budget management) and Project Delivery.  Project Delivery encompasses any and all support our clients need to get their projects delivered successfully.  From owners’ representative to design management, through contract management and commissioning services.

Our focus is to provide confidence and support to our clients to deliver a ‘no surprises’ experience through the design, construction, operation and maintenance process.

How long have WT been operating in the US & Canada?2019-01-18T03:49:38+00:00

WT itself was founded in 1949 by two men sharing the same initials of WT and profession of quantity surveying who met during the WWII.  They established WT in Adelaide, Australia, and London, England simultaneously, so we’ve been a global business from the very start.

The North American business started in 2010 when we established a presence in Mexico City, focused on mainly high end residential and hospitality projects for some of our global clients.

In 2015, the opportunity arose with the opening up of the P3 market for us to leverage our experience into the UC Merced 2020 project transaction.  And so, our first project in the US was a $1.3bn ‘never been done before’ P3 project for the University of California, but we’ve taken it in our stride.  We got a deal done, and it continues to be on-schedule and on-budget.

From there to here in 2019, we’ve picked up some incredible projects and clients ranging from Hawaii in the West to Newfoundland in the outreaches of Canada.

What makes WT unique?2019-01-18T03:49:27+00:00

With 70 years of history and over 50 locations worldwide, we’ve picked up some experience through the years.  But that’s not enough.

We carry that collective experience forward to each of our clients, using data, insights, and analysis to make sure we optimize their projects.  Doing this means we bring instant value to any project, whilst being easy to deal with.

We are privately owned and our leaders are hands-on in the business.

We are entirely focused on the big picture and long term relationships, we are long term partners with our clients.

What is Quantity Surveying?2019-01-18T03:45:45+00:00

Some say it’s a dark art.  Others say it doesn’t exist.

Quantity Surveying (or ‘QSing’ as its colloquially termed) is a hybrid between project management and cost estimating, BUT EVEN BETTER.

It’s an ancient profession with a Royal Charter from the Queen, degree programs and societies, but it never really took hold in the USA.

For us, it boils down to a role of facilitation and owners representation on all matters of cost and contract, with a view to driving on-time and on-budget delivery of projects.