Project Description


Ontario Ministry of Transportation


WSP Canada Group Limited

Highway 17 is the only east-west link between Kenora and the Manitoba / Ontario border. As part of the Trans-Canada Highway, it serves long-distance commercial and tourist traffic, local community traffic, and provides access to the lands surrounding the highway. As such, Highway 17 is an essential component of the regional and provincial economies.

The study objective is to four-lane Highway 17 between the Manitoba / Ontario Border and Kenora which will provide an opportunity for redundancy of travel lanes if one direction. The study is being carried out in three sections:

  • Section #1: Between the Manitoba/Ontario Border and Highway 673
  • Section #2: Between Highway 673 and Rush Bay Road
  • Section #3: Between Rush Bay Road and Highway 17A

WT has been brought on to provide Infrastructure Cost Engineering and Cost Consulting services to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.