Project Description


Plenary Roads Winnipeg Transitway LP & Plenary Roads Winnipeg Transitway GP Inc.

Contract value:

$366 Million (CAD)

Stage 2 of the Southwest Rapid Transitway comprises a 7.2-kilometer extension that completes the route at the terminus at the University of Manitoba. It is a dual lane bus-only rapid transit facility that includes four new transitway overpass structures and nine new transit stations. Two of the stations have parking lots with 500 stalls to encourage commuters to use the rapid transit system to access downtown, the University of Manitoba, and the university’s stadium.

The existing CN Rail twin mainline tracks needed to be relocated as part of this project. The relocation required the replacement of the Pembina Highway Underpass structure and construction of two new railway underpass structures. In addition, two bridges were constructed to provide a continuous active transportation route parallel to the transitway corridor.

The Pembina Underpass at Jubilee was also widened to accommodate three lanes each way and the addition of 4.5-meter-wide active transportation pathways. Our teams developed comprehensive traffic management and phasing plans to maintain a minimum of two lanes of traffic in each direction.