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Toronto, ON — WT Partnership (WT) is actively advising many of Canada’s most prominent contracting companies and public agencies as Independent Certifier.

With vital healthcare and transportation infrastructure projects underway across Canada, WT’s roster of contract compliance and project monitoring experts have established themselves as a market leader in the Independent Certifier (IC) role. With recent British Columbia (BC) and Newfoundland area healthcare commissions under their collective belts and a legacy of bringing sound advisory and project surety on mass transit and highway projects, WT offers a unique perspective and insight on their remit.

“Our knowledge has stemmed from our work in the private sector, helping pull together funding for transportation projects,” remarked WT Senior Vice President, Jon Bawdon. “This has transitioned easily over to serving the public and private sector as an IC, because we understand the unique challenges that these sorts of projects bring when in construction.”

Additionally, across over 20 healthcare projects in North America, including work for EllisDon and Fraser Health Authority as IC for phase one of the redevelopment of the Burnaby Hospital in BC, there is a distinct diversity and breadth of experience building out of WT’s Toronto based Canadian headquarters.

“WT’s portfolio ranges from $2 billion Acute Care hospitals with LINAC bunkers and operating rooms, to outpatient centers and emergency rooms in smaller communities,” according to Mr. Bawdon.


Within the last decade, a proven imperative has emerged for successful project deliveries to have an entirely independent team consultant which acts as a mediator when needed, attests WT’s Mr. Bawdon. But also, and maybe most importantly, this consultant serves as an expert resource in
contract compliance and project monitoring as it relates to schedule, cost and overall risk to delivery. Known as the Independent Certifier in the evolved P3 delivery model popular in Canada today, the IC serves solely with the project’s best interest in mind and is contracted to perform certain services in connection with extensive project agreements.

While the definition of a successful construction project may vary depending on who you ask, and/or a particular development stakeholder’s perspective, emphasis on the need for an objective third-party expert on matters of quality, functionality, safety, schedule and finance, can soothe the potential for adversarial relationships among project members on high stakes investments, according to Mr. Bawdon.

“People who’ve worked on a particular project will often talk about open and honest communications and the win/win teamwork they experienced. Unfortunately, not all construction projects can be described this way,” says Mr. Bawdon. “The erosion of profit margins, tighter technical tolerances, shortened schedules, concern over the quality of work and the overuse of litigation to resolve disputes, are all factors that the right, agreed upon mediator can mitigate.”


There are a few key ingredients that make the IC role truly independent, says Mr. Bawdon, as exhibited across WT’s experience gained over the last 5 years on dozens of projects, from Grand Falls-Windsor, NL to Merced, CA. With the consent of both the private and public parties, who must certify the construction works as set out in the contract, IC fees are paid by both parties equally. This in part, ensures the responsibility is contingent on both parties, upon the issuing of a completion certificate as contractual evidence, that the construction phase is complete and that the project is available for the operations phase.

“The utilization of an IC is a benefit to a project to resolve the disputes,” says Mr. Bawdon. “Disputes can be caused by many things, including ambiguous contract language, interpretation of the scope and delay to the schedule to name a few – and yes, there are ‘bumps in the road,’ but if we can help smooth those out and keep the focus on what really matters (by offering advice and guidance), then we know that we’ve truly helped the public and private entities.”


Strategic growth is both a point of emphasis and a point of pride across WT North America. And this is no different for WT’s burgeoning, Toronto based Canadian IC team.

“It’s been a perfect marriage of adding some great new people, paired with existing staff growth and promotion expanding our capacity and capabilities,” asserts WT’s Executive Vice President, Philip Nixon. “We have a diverse and experienced IC team now, that is providing industry best services to our growing portfolio of public and private sector clients.”

About WT:

WT Partnership is one of the fastest growing advisory firms in North America. Founded in Australia back in 1949, WT is known as the oldest start-up in the industry and has been a force in North America since 2010. A trusted advisor to Owners, Developers, Government and Private sector clients, WT currently manages billions of dollars of active mega projects across North America.

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