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Meet Alicia

Senior Advisor (P3 Advisory/Project Delivery)
Based: Toronto

I joined WT in May of 2018 and help lead and deliver our Independent Certification and Lenders’ Technical Advisory service lines for P3 infrastructure projects across Canada. I have worked with clients across a broad range of sectors, including healthcare, education, judiciary, recreation and transit, and I look forward to continuing to broaden my areas of expertise while strengthening the identification of construction risk in deals and compliance monitoring.

Prior to joining WT I was a project manager and design coordinator for a Toronto based GC firm for nearly 7 years. My educational background of Interior Design and Project Management, paired with my knowledge of construction has enabled the delivery of my roles for WT from an all-encompassing perspective. Understanding scheduling and the practical movement of these projects from an on-site viewpoint, construction risks and being able to navigate through Project Agreements with a ‘following of compliance’ mindset has also been essential.

The best part of what I do? Playing an active role in a successful on-time and on-budget build that will ultimately be used by the community. I enjoy the projects that have the build intent to improve a communities quality of life, to assist vulnerable populations or to provide a place where people can make connections.

Outside of work, I enjoy binging on true crime podcasts, spending time outdoors (camping, playing rugby/golf, hiking you name it!), paying it forward through humanitarian volunteer work and supporting the animal welfare community.

If you’re looking for someone to talk about the P3 niche of construction, rugby, all that is dog-related or classic 80’s films, reach out on LinkedIn or via email.

Key Professional Values: Integrity, Accountability and Adaptability

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