LOS ANGELES, CA — With surging demand and more and more travelers beginning to book business trips and vacations, major airports are racing to meet their capital development goals of increasing capacity and modernizing their facilities. Over the past 5 years, WT has been instrumental in providing sound advisory on aviation projects across North America. However, WT’s latest commission on the Midfield Satellite Concourse North Project at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is a game changer for the firm, their partners and most importantly, the client.


With a strong presence across the West Coast, WT has been uniquely positioned to assist several airports in not only a construction cost management capacity, but also in their analysis of procurement structures for major projects.

“We are excited to expand our service offering to the aviation sector” remarked Seattle-based, WT Senior Vice President, Steve Kelly. It will allow our team to play an ongoing, holistic ‘project advisory’ role, rather than simply responding to milestone events.”

As one of WT’s Los Angeles-based, Aviation Advisory team members working on the Midfield Satellite Concourse North Project at LAX, Vice President, Eugenie LeRoux has seen her team operate successfully under the considerable constraints of the pandemic.

“Yes, its true we are having to work through a generational event,” noted WT’s LeRoux, “but thankfully, we have access to communication channels and resources and are able to collaborate and ensure our performance is as close as possible to ‘business as usual’ through these challenging times.”


Like many domestic and international airports around the US, LAX is a key component of the nation’s transportation infrastructure. With the constant necessity for expansion in order to meet current and future capacity, a series of economic, logistical and political challenges often present themselves, which are not unique to big cities like Los Angeles. With the introduction of WT’s roster of procurement specialists into conversations with designers and owners, the firm’s expertise is proving to be valuable in response to the changing needs of the client.

“It’s also allowed our contribution to be perceived differently and to address a specific need, which none of us contemplated at project initiation,” according to WT’s Kelly.

As an industry expert, who isn’t new to the concept of utilizing alternative delivery in the aviation capital development space, WT Vice President, Jose Davila, understands that exploring procurement strategies, including Public Private Partnerships (P3s) has gained increasing significance for local, state and the federal government, to improve key transportation infrastructure. As airport authorities begins to consider alternative procurement methodologies for its own development program, Davila can offer advisory based on real experience.

Having worked on the concession of the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the P3 for LaGuardia Airport’s Central Terminal Building project in New York City, Davila asserts that “airports all across America, including a terminal such as the Midfield Satellite Concourse North Project, would greatly benefit by exploring the procurement structures available to airports like LAX.”


What historically has been a traditional cost service role for WT, has evolved at a very important decision point in a project’s development, thanks in large part to the building of collaborative, long-lasting relationships with aviation focused designers.

“Being able to work closely with a designer on various design options and value engineering exercises has been fantastic” noted WT’s Kelly. “Knowing that there was trust and confidence in our ability to assist them with viable cost feedback, emboldens our entire team.”

The dynamic between a designer and cost consultant can have a substantial impact on achieving a client’s project aspirations and providing value. Collaboration and creative problem solving can lead not only to offering additional options and solutions to the client, but also meet one of WT’s strategic, company goals – to effectively combine expertise from it’s various service lines, to the benefit of the project.


Over the past 5 years, WT’s Aviation Advisory team has had exposure to every commercial layer and most technical aspects, of the operation and maintenance of a growing airport, by working directly for and with the Port of Seattle (Port) at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac). This experience has translated into meaningful insight and experience for the firm’s current and future portfolio of clients, which includes LAX.

“Many projects assigned to WT under our current IDIQ contract at SeaTac, have been extensively mechanical and electrical in nature,” says WT’s Seattle-based Senior Advisor and MEP Guru, Rey Sasuman. “It’s been a good fit for me with my background, which makes cost engineering as smooth as possible.”

As an embedded consultant and member of the Port’s Capital Development department team, Sasuman has played a valuable role that goes beyond providing just cost and MEP systems analysis. He’s also developed into his own brand of program gate keeper.

“I coordinate tasks to the team and constantly monitor each deliverable,” reports Sasuman, who’s ability to organize, communicate and expedite has cemented WT’s value with the Port.


With a growing team on the West Coast and opportunities to join WT’s Los Angeles based team, the sky is the limit according to Vice President, Eugenie LeRoux.

“Above and beyond the aviation sector, we see a real need for our services and growth on the horizon. Our leadership’s commitment to service delivery in LA and across North America is steadfast.”


WT Partnership is one of the fastest growing advisory firms in North America. Founded in Australia back in 1949, WT has been a force in North America since 2010. A trusted advisor to Owners, Developers, Government and Private sector clients, WT currently manages $6.5 billion dollars of active mega projects across North America.


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Steve Kelly
Steve KellySenior Vice President - Seattle
“I believe we have escaped the pigeon-hole of ‘cost guys’ and now operate in the ‘trusted advisors’ role.”
Eugenie LeRoux - Los Angeles
Eugenie LeRoux - Los AngelesVice President
“There’s a lot of excitement around being engaged with collaborative and dynamic consultant teams on aviation projects.”
Jose Davila
Jose Davila Vice President - Raleigh
“While WT has the expertise required to manage a P3 transaction from start to finish and ensure that the project is delivered as contractually required, we also understand that P3s are not a one-size-fits-all approach. We work with our clients to understand their needs and find the best solution, whether that is a P3, a design-build, a traditional design-bid-build, or a construction manager at risk setup. In all instances, our clients will benefit from real-life lessons learned.”
Rey Sasuman
Rey SasumanSenior Advisor - Seattle
“It’s a privilege to have a bird’s eye view and behind-the-scenes access to construction projects, from conception to bid award.”