Meet Matt

Associate Vice-President
Based: phoenix, az

As a seasoned development executive with over 18 years of relevant real estate and strategic planning experience, I possess extensive experience, with a range of public private partnership development opportunities, from the perspective of both the public and private sectors. My particular areas of specialty include market studies, property negotiation and acquisition, land planning, legal document review, developer negotiations, entitlements, community outreach, and creative project and infrastructure finance, across a diversity of development types.

Acting in numerous senior roles, including as a director responsible for sourcing new opportunities, developing and presenting project deliverables, managing work streams, as well as developing support staff, I provide actionable advice in areas including maximizing value of public assets, public private partnerships, and strategic planning, to help drive government excellence through revenue maximization.

Additionally, I am an outstanding communicator and a focused listener who is receptive to feedback and new ideas proposed by team members. I am confident in public speaking and facilitation environments, while delivering presentations and reports to boards and councils, executive staff, business and industry leaders, and other real estate property stakeholders.

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