Meet Heather

Associate Director (Cost Consulting)
Based: Los Angeles

In 2010, I joined WT Partnership’s Brisbane, Australia office as a Cadet Quantity Surveyor. Today, as an Associate Director and member of WT Partnership’s North American Team based in Los Angeles, CA, I’ve been involved in a variety of project types, including; retail, commercial TI, residential, K-12, civic, professional sports and a major Public Private Partnership (“P3”) project at the University of California.

Over the course of my 8 year career, I have developed a strong technical background and extensive experience in cost planning, budget monitoring, value management and estimating. I’ve always maintained a strong drive to achieve the best possible outcome for my clients and have been rewarded by working alongside fantastic teams and developing life-long friendships, all while working on exciting landmark projects.

When I’m not keeping busy with budgets and cost plans, you can find me planning my next adventure, watching Disney movies or figuring out where to sample the best hot chocolate in Seattle!

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My most rewarding project to date, was during my tenure with WT Partnership as a Quantity Surveyor in Australia. The project was part of the Pig N Whistle and Squires portfolio, entitled Squires Landing, located at Circular Quay in Sydney.

While to the casual observer, Squires Landing may not have been considered a mega-project based on its value or size, the project was unique and a landmark site in Australia, with a high level of complexity. The project dealt with various intricacies such as; heritage components; the Port Authority; lead and asbestos removal; adjacent, active tenancies; municipal stakeholders; structural design changes to the brewery pod; complicated contract management; and working at an accelerated schedule to meet opening requirements.

I was an integral member of the WT project team from inception through to completion, providing cost planning, contract administrative and post contract consulting services. With such a wide range of variables mitigated on this project, a number of valuable lessons were learned, which inform my work for WT today.

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