Project Description

Meet Connor

Business Manager
Based: Toronto

As Business Manager for WT Partnership, I am responsible for delivering reliable and consistent operational, financial, administrative, and marketing support to the business on both a short and long-term basis. I work closely with the executive, VP, and business teams to streamline operational efficiency and deliver expansive growth that adds value to both the business and our clients.

I bring over 4 years of experience in multi-disciplinary areas of business development; from operations management to enterprise information technology administration, in a diverse range of rapidly-emerging and well-established industries. This privilege has allowed me to adapt to and develop many business functions across the board.

I currently reside in The Greater Toronto Area, but originally hail from the splendid rainy isles of the United Kingdom (England, specifically). When I’m not working, you can find me buried in books and crawling through Wikipedia pages on a wide range of studies; I have a particular interest in high culture, history, geography, language, politics, and technology.

Since joining WT, the most rewarding part has been the value placed upon me as a member of the team. I am encouraged to expand my knowledge outside of my areas of immediate responsibility–not only as a personal desire–but as a means of growing within the business as a professional.