Project Description

Meet Bridey

Senior Vice-President
Based: Honolulu, HI

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, I’m now lucky enough to be living and working in Honolulu, HI. I like to consider myself equal parts adventurous and cautious (depends on the day of the week!). I spent the early part of my career doing whole life cost modelling in London, before transitioning to P3 advisory. Currently, I work as a Senior Vice-President for WT North America having moved from our Australian business in 2018.

Initially I moved to Santa Cruz, California for a student housing project at UC Santa Cruz. It was here amongst the redwoods my family and myself really got to love the outdoors. Unfortunately that project stalled as a result of CEQA litigation and I jumped at the chance for a new challenge, heading to Honolulu to set up our office over there.

Since arriving in Honolulu, I have been project executive on our largest USA project to date, the NASED program, which has morphed into both a P3 availability payment deal and a real estate deal across nearly 100 acres. This includes project management office services from concept stage right through to project delivery. I am also responsible for WT’s North America financial reporting – I love a good spreadsheet.

With a mandate for growth here in Hawai‘i (as well as the mainland) for the P3 and Real Estate service lines, I continue to test my organizational and business strategy skills in leading the teams responsible for client relationships, advisory services and business development.

The best part of what I do? Reaching key milestones in projects such as Financial Close. Hands down, a close second is being able to do what I do in a number of different countries. I have worked on P3 transactions in England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S and Canada.

A true sunshine person in every way, I enjoy spending time with my family being active outdoors. Hawai‘i is most definitely a great place to call home.

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