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Toronto, ON — Thanks to a recent string of new commissions and a legacy of road, rail and bridge work, WT Partnership’s (WT) Cost Consulting practice is establishing itself as a trusted advisor on a growing portfolio of major infrastructure development projects.

With active engagements providing a full suite of construction cost services to Infrastructure Ontario (IO) and the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO), WT’s Vice President, George Chen is leading a dedicated team of estimators executing a robust offering.

“Preparation of construction and project cost estimates; market condition review; advice on risk and escalation forecasts; peer review; VE exercise support, we can do it all,” states Chen, “and we’re doing it all right now for IO.”

As a crown agency, Infrastructure Ontario develops commercial solutions, manages assets and executes transactions on hundreds of local, regional and provincial infrastructure projects throughout Ontario each year. The Ontario Line is just one of these projects that WT is supporting, with plans for a new rapid transit system in Toronto that will connect the Don Mills and Thorncliffe Park neighborhoods in North York to the Liberty Village and King West neighborhoods just west of Downtown Toronto.

The Project, which is split into three Public Private Partnership (P3) packages, South Civil Contract, North Civil Contract and Rolling Stock, Systems, Operations and Maintenance Contract (RSSOM), are all under review by WT and Mr. Chen’s team.

“WT’s role is to review and provide opinions on the cost estimates prepared by the Technical Advisor of the Project,” according to Chen. “We have successfully delivered South Civil package and RSSOM package and are now working on the North Civil package along with IO and Metrolinx.”

When it comes to the transportation sector, transit isn’t the only area of expertise in WT’s wheelhouse. Other projects of note within WT’s remit include Highway 17 Twining project and the Bradford Bypass Project, where WT developed several alternatives/options for this specific project.

“The estimates we have prepared have considered all documentation received and projects our best estimate of what the competitive market is likely to bid with a Design-Build-Finance procurement route,” states Chen.


Due to population growth in Toronto proper and the GTA, local roads and highways are in dire need of repair. With WT’s roster of procurement specialists engaging in conversations with the designer and Infrastructure Ontario, the company’s expertise is proving valuable in response to the needs of Toronto’s inhabitants.

As industry experts, who are not new to the concept of using alternative delivery in the Heavy Civil Infrastructure space, WT understands that exploring procurement strategies, including P3s, has gained increasing importance for the Government to improve the infrastructure in Ontario, according to WT Senior Advisor, Camilo Abuabara.

“Having worked on P3 infrastructure projects in the transportation sector and having researched vehicular, commercial and private flow, road projects throughout Ontario would benefit greatly from an expansion effort, to maintain a more efficient vehicular flow,” according to Abuabara.


WT Partnership is one of the fastest growing advisory firms in North America. Founded in Australia back in 1949, WT is known as the oldest start-up in the industry and has been a force in North America since 2010. A trusted advisor to Owners, Developers, Government and Private sector clients, WT currently manages billions of dollars of active mega projects across North America.


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