Meet Zane

Business & Systems Analyst
Based: Boston, MA

I joined WT Partnership in the Summer of 2022 as a Business & Systems Analyst via WT’s Internship Program.

At WT, I’m here to assist our Corporate Services team with the day-to-day running of the business by advising on internal policy implementation and streamlining our corporate processes. With a particular focus on the Information Technology and Administrative services; my job is to ensure that all of our systems are running reliably and as efficiently as possible in order for our teams to deliver world-class service to our clients.

Working closely with the operational management and leadership team, I inform on the day-to-day happenings at WT and identify any areas of improvement across the organization. I also work with our marketing and business development teams to drive analytics and inform on our active data streams. From database development to ensuring all company devices are functioning as desired, I work to maintain our systems and keep them at their best so that we can deliver our best to you.

As a prospective graduate currently finishing a degree in Computer Science & Business; I have a passion for identifying the big picture from the smallest of details and driving efficiencies wherever they can be discovered. When outside of work, you can find me enjoying the casual board game or video game with my friends and family. I also enjoy partaking in the great outdoors; be it camping, hiking, or white-water rafting wherever I get the chance.

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