Project Description

Meet Tom

Vice-President (P3 Advisory)
Based: Santa Monica

Joining WT Partnership in 2019, Tom brings with him over 25 years of public and private sector operations and senior construction management experience across a variety of industry sectors including aviation, commuter rail, parking, lighting, higher education, vertical and horizontal infrastructure.
Tom is a highly sought-after industry specialist in providing procurement advisory services to governments and public agencies and in leveraging private sector investment and innovation for transportation and social infrastructure projects across the USA and Canada.

Tom has led the development and ensured performance of service contracts for municipal governments with responsibilities including

  • P&L for individual departments and business units
  • Cultivation of new business pipeline including pricing models
  • Provision of consulting and advisory services for contract renegotiations
  • Assessment and implementation of operational best practice and cost savings measures.

In his former role with the City of Chicago, Tom was responsible for managing the transition from public to private control, ensuring contract compliance for operating standards, capital improvements, financial and technical reporting and regulatory requirements for a portfolio of projects. In addition, he served as the primary liaison between the concessionaire, government entities and the public on issues relating to real estate, construction coordination and media inquiries.