Project Description

Meet Teja

National Talent Manager
Based: Santa Monica, CA

As the National Talent Manager for WT Partnership, I support our human resources, talent acquisition and development activities across the United States & Canada. I’m in charge of implementing and regulating performance evaluations as well as our employees’ training, development and succession planning. I partner with various departments to create an equal and collaborative environment. I manage all talent and human resources aspects of our company and assist leadership in building a workplace that fosters our business objectives and values.

I see myself as a Brand Ambassador, Culture Transformer, Diversity & Inclusion Initiator, Client Champion & Candidate Advocate and with over 15 years’ of national and international experience in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources, I have helped businesses grow in gross revenue and saved companies millions of dollars.

As a Human Resources professional my ability to balance business and people has resulted in manifesting more harmony, while maintaining compliance. My greatest strength as a Talent Acquisition professional has been my ability to engage passive candidates, including niche search, and evangelizing the opportunities I represent from Campus Recruitment to Executive Search. I am a firm believer that we are all ambassadors of our brand and must treat everyone from candidate to employee with respect, integrity and appreciation.

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