Project Description



Contract Value:

$1.8 billion (AUD)

Term / Payment Mechanism:

20 Years / DBOM



Design and Construction Lead:

WBHO Infrastructure

WT has been selected to work as cost consultants on the $1.8 billion project that will involve eight high-priority road upgrades, almost 30 kilometres of duplicated lanes and more than 700-lane-kilometers (435 miles) of road rehabilitation and maintenance for 20 years across Melbourne’s west. This is the largest single investment in arterial roads in Australia to date.

WT will be working alongside

  • Netflow, a Cintra and Plenary joint venture, as project sponsor;
  • WBHO Infrastructure as design and construction lead;
  • local contractors ACE Contractors Group, Civilex, Fortunato Group, Negri Contractors and Winslow Group; and
  • Ferrovial Services companies as services contractor.

The Victorian Government has contracted the above to design, build, finance and maintain the project under a 20-year concession.