Project Description


Melbourne Airport

Newcastle Airport is the second busiest airport in New South Wales, with 1.3 million passengers a year. The masterplan for the airport to 2036 is a bold vision of growth to become a world-class international gateway to the Hunter region and northern NSW – capable of handling an expected 2.3 million passengers per year by 2028.

The airport expansion plans include upgrading the runway to receive larger aircraft capable of long-haul flights, greater domestic and international passenger numbers, and more freight volume. The terminal facilities also need to be upgraded to cater for more passengers and provide an enhanced experience with more food, beverage and retail options, international services and facilities, new aero bridges, and improved carparking and ground transport. The terminal building is also aiming for a 5-star green star accreditation.

WT’s involvement in the development of the Newcastle Airport precinct began in 2018, when we were engaged to provide cost planning of concept designs. We have continued to provide cost planning advice throughout the design development, as well as providing pre-tender estimates, assisting with tender negotiations and providing post-contract services for the airport and its financiers.

In 2020, we assisted the airport in negotiations with the Department of Defence. This assistance included assessing the cost plans for the upgrade of the runway that forms part of the RAAF Base Williamtown. We also provided peer review of other contractors’ inputs, including advising on constructability and scheduling.

Experience and agility make for trusted, timely advice

Airport upgrades are large, complex programs of work with many moving parts. It’s crucial that the airport and its passengers, employees, tenants and neighbors can continue to go about their normal operations safely and with minimal disturbance despite the many activities happening in and around the airport precinct. We have worked closely with the airport project managers and wider design team to tackle this challenge by ensuring that sufficient allowance is made within the cost plan to recognize the complex operational environment and the consequent need for careful staging.

Given this complexity and the criticality of the program staying on track, we’ve been agile and responsive to our client’s need to make rapid, informed decisions. We’ve also been proactive in the value engineering processes needed to keep the project within budget.

With an office in Newcastle, WT is fully invested in the success of the Newcastle Airport project and the associated benefits it can deliver to the local community and the region. From our Newcastle office, we are continuing to provide costing advice and payment recommendations as the airport progresses towards full operations in 2025.

We look forward to continuing to serve as a trusted advisor to our client and to see the airport fulfil its 2036 vision of becoming ‘the airport the Hunter Region deserves’, unlocking the potential for the region’s growth and for a thriving future of trade, tourism, jobs, innovation and connectivity.