Project Description


Meet Jacqueline

Project Analyst
Based: Santa Monica, CA

I joined WT in March 2022 as a Project Analyst at the Los Angeles office. Prior to joining WT, I completed my bachelor’s degree in GeoDesign at the University of Southern California. GeoDesign is a multi-disciplinary study consisting of spatial sciences, data analytics, urban planning, real estate development, and architecture.

A main aspect of GeoDesign involves sustainability – especially focusing on the ways that design can support our societal and natural environment. Although GeoDesign is new to many, it is truly an innovative and forward-thinking discipline, which prepared me to join WT where I now collaborate with the Real Estate and P3 Team.

Throughout my studies, I was able to explore several pressing issues, and use technology and creativity to propose advanced and alternative solutions. At WT, I look forward to continuing to solve problems and advise clients by using spatial data, demographics, real estate trends, and more. I’m also excited to be part of a growing Los Angeles office, where I am surrounded by an inspiring and dedicated team of professionals!