Project Description


Department of Justice

Contract Value:

$400 Million (AUD)

Contract Term / Payment Mechanism:

25 Years / Availability-Payment




Brookfield Multiplex (as part of the Aegis Consortium)

WT was appointed as the replacement Independent Reviewer for the Hopkins Correctional Centre Expansion project in late 2012.

The project comprises the expansion of the existing Ararat Prison to create an additional 358 medium security male beds in a campus style setting bring the total capacity of the prison to 740.

The expansion project also includes the construction of a new medical centre, visitor centre, recreation centre, education and industrial centres along with a new gatehouse and administrative and support spaces.

The project is being completed under a Public Private Partnership by Aegis Consortium which comprises the Commonwealth Bank, Bendigo Bank and Adelaide Bank as financiers with Brookfield Multiplex undertaking construction following the collapse of original builders St Hilliers Construction and Hawkins Construction in May 2012.

The project was completed in 2015.