Project Description



Plenary Health

Contract Value:

Circa $120 Million AUD

Contract Term / Payment Mechanism:

25 Years / Availability-Based

Design / FM Contractor:

Silver Thomas Hanley, Daryl Jackson /Brookfield Multiplex Service

Casey Hospital offers range of services including; surgical, multi-day and same day services, obstetrics, pediatric, sub-acute, rehabilitation, palliative care, comprehensive mental health inpatient and community mental health services, and an emergency department.

Casey Hospital is publicly operated by Southern Health in accordance with Government policy that core services should be provided directly by Government.

The hospital is capable of treating up to 30,000 patients and 25,000 emergency presentations each year.  The contract with Progress Health was to design, build, finance and provide facility services for the new hospital. The contract is for a period of 25 years (post construction) and will provide flexible infrastructure capable of adapting to future needs and changes.

WT provided commercial advisory during the bid and development phases of the Project.