Project Description

Meet Alex

Senior Advisor (P3 Advisory)
Based: New York

 As a Senior Advisor at WT, I ensure P3 procurements go smoothly from ideation to financial close. I bring 5 years and over $50B of experience as a municipal advisor and a developer. My specialty is the transaction phase, where I can translate my broad perspective in structuring projects and financing debt into procurement documents and evaluation methods.  

Previously as a Municipal Advisor at Frasca & Associates and Public Resources Advisory Group, I was responsible for engaging with the public sector on bond financing and P3 transactions. I have guided municipal clients, ranging from the Commonwealth of Virginia and Hudson Yards to specialized infrastructure entities like MHT, PHX and VDOT.  Prior to becoming an advisor, I was Vice President at Chariot Companies where I utilized public private partnership structures to integrate real estate development with community impact goals.  My educational background in engineering geology has equipped me to find adaptive solutions in complex systems. In addition to my Masters from University of Pennsylvania, I also hold a Bachelors from Dartmouth College.  

With a knack for integrating diverse viewpoints and skillsets into win-win scenarios, I’m passionate about facilitating innovative project delivery methods that serve communities. I help WT lead and deliver a broad range of P3 advisory services throughout the transaction phases of our projects.  

When I’m not keeping busy with competitive robotics and board games, I enjoy making fresh pasta and swimming.  

Want to talk shop?  Reach out on LinkedIn or via email.