East Coast, US — With many experts speculating that a ‘post-pandemic’ recovery is already underway — or at the very least, right around the corner, no one needs to remind the colleagues based in WT’s Boston and New York offices, of what kept their teams performing for their clients at a high level: Each other.

“With the enormous social upheaval over the last 12 months, I’ve been grateful for the team we have,” remarked New York-based, WT Associate Vice President Toby Lawes. “It has allowed us all to continue to feel secure in our roles and hopeful for the future.”

With collaboration as a key, guiding principal, members of both WT’s New York and Boston offices have delivered on a full slate of projects, while experiencing a trusting, psychologically secure and happy work environment throughout the pandemic. Regardless of geography, WT’s East Coast based experts have bucked any notion of a ‘Boston vs. NYC’ competitive mentality, leading to excellent results for their clients.


The origins of the storied rivalry between the two cities of New York and Boston can be traced back centuries and is steeped in political, economic and cultural rifts, that predate the Revolutionary War, let alone any professional sports teams or clam chowder flavor profiles. In a traditionally ‘resistant to change’ setting such as the construction industry, an outsider might speculate that geographical and professional silos are an inevitability. However, WT’s dynamic collection of professionals have somehow found a way to make ‘Red Sox’ and ‘Yankees’ working together (MASS HYSTERIA??!!) a winning strategy.


From historically significant and cutting edge boutique hospitality projects and mass transit infrastructure, to some of the largest, most ambitious high-tech, commercial tenant improvement portfolios in the country, WT’s Boston and New York teams have seamlessly moved from project to project, providing construction cost management and project delivery services, while garnering lessons learned along the way and building efficiencies, together.

WT’s collaborative methodology however, has gone far beyond it’s own organizational boundaries, as the demand for a multi-discipline, multi-firm approach has necessitated a heightened level of creativity and flexibility in the commercial sector.

“We have been very fortunate to with work with designers of Utile and Merge Architect’s caliber, who continue to push design boundaries and innovation” noted Boston-based WT Senior Vice President Triona Heyes. “Their creativity is very evident in the specialist areas they design, while at the same time, keeping the end user in mind.”


With mutually beneficial partnerships as an underlying theme, the WT East Coast team’s portfolio of high-tech tenant improvement work over recent years, has been co-located with clients, designers and contractors – an outlier from the traditional model of an outsourced project team of consultants. However, according to Merge Architects Founder and Principal Elizabeth Whitaker, all project stakeholders have excelled in this working environment.

“Merge has been joined at the hip since the beginning with WT, in the best way possible,” states Whitaker. “Over the years, WT have come to represent to us, a calming voice of reason and trusted accuracy on these complicated projects, where there are many voices and opinions regarding budget complexities.”

Echoed across the project team, has been the incredibly rewarding experience of ‘cross-disciplinary discussion and process’ within a robust collective. This has included many architects/designers, project stakeholders, client project managers and executives, with “WT always there to keep us all honest and on (financial) track,” according to Whitaker.

“You’re also not pigeon-holed into your ‘hired role’,” says WT’s Toby Lawes. “The cost consultant can have great ideas about inclusive design — the team will listen and if there is consensus and client buy in, you all go for it and kudos is given.”


President Biden’s Build Back Better infrastructure plan has been covered heavily in the media with recent developments surrounding a “trimmed-down” bipartisan deal. Additionally, New York City Mayor, Bill Diblasio’s $17 billion recovery plan, for his city alone, includes affordable housing schemes, schools and streetscapes. These factors, along with an uptick in activity across market sectors, has many espousing that a strong platform in the public sector will give the construction industry a needed boost to bounce back from the impact of the pandemic.

“We are certainly seeing the market recover in this post pandemic phase, with the number of projects to market expecting to increase in the back half of 2021 and into 2022,” says WT’s Triona Heyes.


With a growing team on the East Coast and opportunities to join WT’s New York based team, the sky is the limit according to Boston-based WT Executive Vice-President, Darren Blyth.

“We see limitless opportunity for the growth of our business and across a number of market sectors. There’s a real need for our services and our team’s commitment to service delivery on the East Coast and across North America is unwavering.”

About WT:

WT Partnership is one of the fastest growing advisory firms in North America. Founded in Australia back in 1949, WT has been a force in North America since 2010. A trusted advisor to Owners, Developers, Government and Private sector clients, WT currently manages $6.5 billion dollars of active mega projects across North America.

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Toby Lawes
Toby LawesAssociate Vice President - New York
“An emphasis on long term partnerships, mutually beneficial project success and continuing to hold each other accountable, creates an environment of respect for each stakeholder’s role and expertise.”
Triona Heyes
Triona HeyesSenior Vice President - Boston
“Working under NDA certainly has it’s challenges as we are not able to speak to many of our amazing projects with other clients or friends. However, we do understand a client’s requirement for privacy and we always respect their wishes.”
Darren Blyth
Darren BlythExecutive Vice President - Boston
“We see our values and culture closely aligned with our clients and it is how we as cost consultants set ourselves apart from our competitors in the industry. Any consultancy is only as strong as it’s team members and WT are lucky enough to have some of the best in the industry to support the efforts of our clients. Since our inception, we’ve continued to maintain our culture of ensuring that everyone has a place and purpose, coupled with the firm’s full support, for all of our staff to realize their full potential.”