We at WT Partnership North America (WT) are excited to announce our role as the Independent Certifier for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Phase 1C Redevelopment Project in Toronto!

The CAMH Phase 1C Redevelopment Project consists of the enlargement of Shaw Park and the construction of two buildings, the MaCain Complex Care and Recovery Centre and the Crisis and Critical Care Building. These buildings will be along Queen Street West in Toronto. The Project will result in the construction of approximately 650,000 square feet of new build space and will feature 235 beds for those who need them most. These beds will play host to those who are acutely ill and those who experience the most complex forms of mental illness.

The McCain Complex Care and Recovery Centre will house programs such as, a Simulation Learning Centre, an Auditorium and a public library tailored towards Patient and Family Mental Health Education and Support. This library will contain a plethora of learning materials targeted to help the public better understand the complexity of mental health.

The Crisis and Critical Care building will feature a 24/7 Emergency Department and Extended Assessment unit, a Transitional Age Youth Day Program and client beds that will be facing therapeutic green spaces.

The Project also includes the extension of roads, parks and green space improvements and restoration of the heritage wall around the facility.

As Independent Certifiers, WT ensure that each party meets their obligations in accordance with the Project Agreement’s requirements for this $685 (CAD) Million Public Private Partnership (P3) project. Our team is excited to share our technical understanding of quality assurance, contract compliance, construction processes and cost control. Construction commenced in Fall of 2017 and is scheduled to be completed by 2020. Our experienced team members are excited to be an integral part of this Project and look forward to helping it come to fruition.

Who are WT?

We at WT act as the ‘technical translator’ for project stakeholders. Our experienced international background allows us to review, analyze and opine upon all aspects of asset development. We have specialists in Cost Control and Quality Assurance, Contract Management, Document Management and Project Delivery.

Through our locations in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle and Toronto our North American team is squarely focused on supporting our local and international clients to achieve their project and business objectives. Our extensive experience allows us to work as Independent Certifiers, Lenders’ Technical Advisory Advisors, Cost Control Estimators and Owner’s Representative on projects ranging from aviation, public health, education, commercial and residential facilities.